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11 Jan 2024 - Enjoy the moment

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so delighted and excited to be with you today and to talk to you about staying and enjoying each moment in your day.

Today, we invite you to feel our presence throughout the day and each time your thoughts wander off to the past or to the future, bring yourself back to the task that you are doing. If you are feeling overwhelmed or irritated or anything that doesn't feel good to you, put your hand on your heart, invite us in and feel our presence surround and infuse you. Stay there for a few moments, breathing and feeling our presence, then simply carry on. Do this frequently and often and soon you will start to enjoy each moment in your day and stop thinking about the past or future.

The present moment, is indeed, a gift to you. A gift of presence. A gift of peace, love and harmony. No matter your outer circumstances, the present is right here and now for you.

We love you so much and when you invite us into your energy field, we can light you up, making you feel good and open to all the blessings that are here for you.

Breathe, relax and feel. Enjoy the moment.

Sending you love ❤️

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