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12 Jan 2024 - Nike

Welcome, I am the Greek Goddess Nike (no not the sportswear!). I come to you today with a message of hope and encouragement.

I am known for ambition. For moving forward with your goals and desires but this need not be struggle or effort on your part. When you have a great desire or goal in your life, you will automatically find the time and energy to pursue your goal, your desire, your dream. There will be no struggle or effort on your part, it will be a part of you that wishes to act and not forced to act.

When you feel that you want a change of direction in your life then your mind will work overtime trying to figure out what you need to do and forcing you to struggle and strive towards its intent and while this may work, it is an uphill struggle, filled with frustration, anger and maybe disappointment.

My message to you today is although you have dreams and desires, ask yourself "Is this my head telling me to do this? or is it coming from a place of inspired action?". Inspired action is where you get up and do something without even thinking about it. It just comes over you to do it, there and then.

If you find that you are trying to make things happen then this is not a choiceless decision for you. You are striving ahead, thinking that you mind knows better than your heart, soul and the Universe.

When you relax and stay in moment, content with who you are and what you are currently doing, you open up to all the possibilities around you without doing a thing. Once this happens, inspired action can work its magic and the Universe will collaborate with that moving mountains to help you.

If there is no inspired action, it is simply not time to do anything but accept where you are and enjoy each day. Do not get frustrated or angry with this as that is your mind telling you otherwise, you are pushing against what you desire, instead of allowing it to unfold naturally.

Humans all have dreams and we encourage you to have them but not fixate on them. I will give you an example "When this happens, I will be happy" that is your mind telling you so. Why can't you be happy now? You can choose to accept and be happy now. Happiness is not based on material possessions or moving jobs or house. Happiness is here right now. Do not have the misconception that happiness is out there, in front of you and it is like a carrot dangling in front of your nose on a string, you can't quite reach it.

Happiness is within you. Love is within you. Abundance is within you. Joy is within you. Nothing is separate from you. Nothing is out there that you just can't reach. If you want something, relax in the knowing that it is within you. Be still, relax and know that victory is within.

Sending you love❤️

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