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14 Jan 2024 - Parrot Spirit

Hello, (there is a lot of squawking going on), I have a specific message for you today to be kind to yourself. My message is one of being mentally kind to yourself and how you view and talk about yourself.

When you look in a mirror, do you compliment yourself or complain? My guess is it is the latter. Do you look at yourself and say things like "I wish I was thinner", "I wish my skin was better", "I wish my hair was thicker", "I wish I wasn't ill".

Whatever you say about yourself, affirms what you are seeing in the mirror and how others view you as a person, so my message is to be kind to yourself and affirm in ways that are complimentary about yourself.

I am beautiful

I am kind

I am loving

I am healthy

I am generous

I am wonderful

I am blessed

then move on to more specifics

My hair is beautifully thick

I am the perfect weight right now

My skin is healthy, hydrated and vibrant

My weight is the ideal weight right now

I love my body

I love my hair

I love my skin

Choose words that are pleasing to say. If you say something positive but it doesn't feel good then change the way you phrase it until it does feel good. Change your words and you change your story. Look in the mirror and positively mimic (as parrots do), love who you are and what is reflecting back at you.

When you change the relationship with yourself of one of love instead of one of criticism, things magically change and others notice how good you feel about yourself and your energy, in return, makes them feel good.

Now go out into your urban jungle, shine your colours brightly, ruffle your feathers, strut your stuff and squawk how great you are because it is the truth, you really are.

Sending you love❤️

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