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16 Jan 2024 - Love is all around

Love is all around me and so the feeling grows, it's written on the wind, it's everywhere I go, so if you really love me come on and let it show.

Yes, our dear friend, love really is all around you, it is written on the wind and we do let it show but we ask that you allow yourself to open up, expand and feel the love that is right here for you now.

There has always been great love and appreciation for you, it has always been here and now is the time to really feel it in your bones. You are an amazing Divine being of love, that is the truth. The person that looks back at you in the mirror is just your human form. When you allow all the love to flow through you, there is great expansion and you create a wonderful, magical feeling of warmth and love to all that are in your vibration.

You are a magical being of love. You can depend on the love that you are for it is unconditional Universal love. It is such a wonderful feeling and when you sit still, be in the present, ask us to show this feeling to you, then listen and feel with your heart. We are here for you always, you are never alone.

Love truly is all around so come on and let it flow.

Sending you love❤️

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