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16 November 2023 - Message from Flamingo

You are attracted to my brightly coloured feathers, filled with different shades of pink. Pink is the colour of love and as I am filled with love, so too, are you. Your energy is naturally made of love. You are love. When you focus on this truth and start to love who you really are and all you can be, the portals of potential and possibility open and more loving energy flows to you. You need not look upon others to give you the love you desire for you can give it to yourself and love is far more powerful when you love yourself.

I ask that you focus on loving yourself, love all the qualities you have and feel the love inside of you. Once you do this, you will feel the love of the Universe flowing through you and it is constantly all around you but sometimes humans are too busy with their lives to stand still for a moment and feel into the present moment of all they are and all they can be.

I stand still, waiting for the right moment to catch my food. I submerge my head into water but that does not mean I am burying myself deeper into hopelessness. I am simply waiting for the right time for my food. I do not hurry or chase or run, I stand patiently, knowing that it will come to me. This is the same for you. Running and chasing around after your desires is simply not working but being still and present, simply waiting for your desire to unfold itself to you, feels easy. There is no effort in being still, being present and simply waiting. There are no thoughts to cling onto, to figure out, to fix or heal. Simplicity is being still and attracting your desires to you by focusing only on love for yourself and your body. The right time will present itself and then magically, just as I receive my food, you receive your desire. There is no effort. No struggle. No stress. No anxiety. No frustration.

Be patient, be easy, be free and love yourself for it. For you truely are amazing.

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