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17 Jan 2024 - The Council

Welcome, welcome, welcome, dear one, we are so delighted and pleased to be communicating with you today and we are so pleased that you are expanding and growing.

You are like a flower, blossoming and opening up to all the possibilities, potentials and opportunities that are here for you right now.

Open you petals wide, our dear child, feel the sun warm them and bloom with pride.

You are now open to receiving all that is here for you. You are a beautiful, radiant being of light. Shine, dear one, shine and the whole world shines with you.

Stay in the flow of your power, keep your petals open far and wide and radiate your pure energy of love. It is all here for you and you, our dear friend, are willing to receive.

We congratulate you with our unconditional love.

Sending you love❤️

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