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17 March 2024 - Unity

Welcome welcome, welcome, we are so pleased and delighted to be communicating with you all on this fine day. We wish to remind you that although our words are powerful to you, this is a vibrational experience we offer you. You are surrounded and infused with our love at all times and when you are present in the stillness and quieten your mind, you feel our connection to you. You are us, we are you, there is no separation on your planet ever. Only your mind will convince you of separation. Your Governments, your media, your banks, your health system will try to sway you into separation but nothing is ever separate from you because it is you.

You are health, you are money, you are time, you are joy, you are peace, you are anything you wish to be and more because it is all within you. All you desire is energy, just like you and you can summon this energy to you with your thoughts and feelings. You are one with all and we wish to remind you of this.

Unity is here for you, here and now. Remind yourself of this. You are not separate from anything and while many of you chase your dreams, you are actually pushing them away from you with all your struggle and effort. We are not saying not to have hopes and dreams but simply allow them to come to you. They are already here and available to you if you will open up, allow and realise that they are you. They are not something you need to chase or make happen. You will know when to take action and when to simply allow when you trust that everything is already here for you. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride.

Now, many of you will say but I need it now, I cannot see it now, I don't believe you and we would say because you are looking outside of yourself, in your situations and circumstances that is why you cannot see it, feel it or touch it because you are looking in the wrong direction. Be still, be present, go within and allow yourself to receive what you desire. Touch it, feel it, sense it within so that it is so real to you that you cannot imagine anything else and all your focus is within on this thing you want so badly. Soon that is your reality and you will see evidence in your surroundings to show you that it is so.

If you keep seeing what is missing from outside of you, how can it ever be received? It can't because you are focusing on lack and limitation.

Breathe, go within, be still, be peaceful, be present and allow your desires to flow to you because you are your desires, you are one with them, they are not separate from you and never were.

Unity is the key.

Sending you love❤️

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