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18 Jan 2024 - Amber

I come from the sap of a tree. My message to you today, is to look at your family and your family tree. Sometimes the answers we seek can be found in family patterns, especially the lineage in family.

There are many reasons we seek answers but sometimes it is the question you need to look at. Why are you asking that question? Where is the question coming from? Fear? Lack? Limitation? Judgement? Guilt? In seeking the answer, will it give you peace? or will it create more of the same?

Peace, dear one, can be found within. Peace is you, you are peace. When you are trying to find answers, seek inner peace instead, even if only for a brief moment. Your mind needs rest and by seeking peace, you are allowing your mind to calm down.

I flow through a tree as resin, protecting and filling in gaps in the bark made by insects. Once my job is done, I harden and become amber. I am protection for the tree. The energy that you create works much the same. If you create energy of fear, lack, limitation, judgement, guilt, distrust then it will form a protective barrier against feeling more of the same and harden. This blocks the light from flowing to you and through you.

When you allow the energy to flow without feelings of being hard done to or judgement, the light becomes stronger and shines from within you, all around you and onto all that you meet. This light is a loving, kind and gentle energy which does not need to protect you or harden in the process. You feel safe and secure in this light, knowing that you are all you could ever be and more. You know that you are cared for and loved. You know that you are abundant, rich and prosperous. You know that you are connected to all. You know that there is no lack or separation. You just know.

Find comfort in the light, let the resin flow through you just as in a tree. There is no need to protect your shell for the only thing eating away at your bark, are your thoughts.

You are Divine. Shine.

Sending you love ❤️

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