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18 November 2023 - Message from Serpent

As you write this you can hear my lisp as I speak. I am a healer, I am an energy that can help release and let go of all that is no longer serving you. As always, it matters not what words I say but the frequency that this message is emitting to you.

Right now, as you read these words, you are being healed. You are surrounded and infused with so much love and beautiful healing energy of me, the serpent. I am often referred to as Kundalini energy. Healing, natural energy that flows through you through your spine. As always this is energy, energy you feel, energy you naturally are and as you read, you are being healed with this natural flowing energy of love and light.

You are never alone, never. You are never seperate from anything. You are one with all and when you feel into this energy, it completes you. It helps you to know, really know, that all is well in your world and everything is but an illusion that you have already created. When you stop and be still and let the natural healing energy flow through you, you let go of all that is not serving you so that you can begin afresh in this moment. Life is made up of magical moments and once you can learn how to stay in the present, open up to all the possibilities and potentials that are around you, oh my, your world opens up and magically transforms, allowing yourself to forget all your present illusions that you physically see with your eyes, think with your thoughts and create with your emotions.

Close you eyes, let go of thoughts and bring yourself into the present moment for this is where the magic truly lies.

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