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19 Jan 2024 - Aurora of Gamma

I come to you today with a message of peace. Gamma rays or frequencies are the Divine frequencies that connect you to your higher selves. When you connect with these frequencies, you are naturally elevated beyond the world that you perceive to be real.

Whenever you wish to connect, call upon me and if you wish, listen to Gamma frequencies. Relax your mind and body and gently connect to the frequencies that you hear. There is nothing to do or say but relax.

Upon tuning into these higher frequencies throughout your day, you will gently release all your struggles and worries. They will be transmuted and replaced with love and security. The answers you seek are always within. The feelings of love, security, prosperity, peace, harmony and joy are all created within. You will feel the sensations immediately when you tune into these energies.

However, if you are seeking the above feelings but looking outside of you, into the world around you, you will only see what you have already created and upon doing so, you may go back and start creating more of the same.

This is a new way of connecting and receiving, in order to receive the feelings, you connect with your Divine being, the light within. Do this often and you will soon witness the change around you. You are Divinely guided. Do not be hard upon yourself whilst doing this as this is a new way of being and as with anything new, it takes time and patience to master.

This is a new cycle for you, a new beginning, a new dawn.

Sending you love❤️

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