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21 Jan 2024 - Stay in the flow

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so delighted to be communicating with you today and you are feeling more connected and present as each day passes, we congratulate you on this for you are now learning and growing. You are accepting all that is and staying present in the moment, waiting for each moment to unfold beautifully.

We want you to try to stay connected and not be put off balance by circumstances or situations around you. We remind you that you are a vibrational being filled with love and light and by staying present, this light flows through you naturally.

You have a pleasant aura around you, one that draws things, people and situations to you. Stay in this flow and accept all that is that comes your way. Sometimes something may occur and you feel like you can't be bothered with it but trust us when we say nothing comes to you randomly when you are connected with source energy. Everything is meant to be a synchronistic opportunity to learn and grow. Relax and allow. Say yes to all that comes your way. You will be pleasantly surprised at what we send you.

Sending you love❤️

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