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23 Jan 2024 - Grasshopper Spirit

You can hear me but cannot see me but you know I am there by the noise that I create. The sound is my unique calling to others to attract a mate or to protect my territory, it also a vibration from my legs rubbing together.

You too create sounds and vibrations. Your sounds are your words or noises you make, your vibration is your frequency of feelings and emotions.

If you wish to create more of what you desire, you must raise your frequency and change your words, much like the rubbing of my legs changes the sounds I make to either attract or protect. You too attract or protect. You attract more of what you are saying, thinking and feeling and protect yourself by withdrawing, repelling or distrusting, depending upon past experiences.

You are now in a new vibrational way of being. Humans are evolving and realising that they too are vibrational beings, attracting and protecting. Instead of attracting more of the same, learn to change your words, thinking and feeling, this like anything else new takes time and patience to learn so do not get disheartened if you do not see results instantly. There is no time with vibration, the quicker you trust that you are all you are meant to be and more right now, the quicker the results but patience is a virtue. This is all a new way of being so be kind to yourself and take baby steps each moment to learn and grow. Congratulate yourself when you catch yourself saying or thinking in old ways and change the pattern.

Change your song, change your vibration, trust in the Universe and all will come to you quite magically indeed. Take the leap of faith.

Sending you love ❤️

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