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25 Jan 2024 - Enjoy your day

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are delighted to be communicating with you once again today and may we remind you that while I words may comfort you, this is a vibrational experience, on a higher frequency to lift and elevate you higher upon your path.

Today, we wish to guide you with your responsibilities. You are not your responsibilities, you simply take on too much because you think you have to do it all and if you don't do it, it won't get done. We would like you to read this paragraph again and feel the energy that you are emitting with those thoughts of responsibility. You are simply not allowing to be helped because you are taking the world upon your shoulders. Dear one, it is time to relax and let go of this burden that you place upon yourself.

Take time out for yourself to relax in anyway that brings you joy and if you simply say "I don't have time", then change your words, dear one to "I have time to enjoy myself today" and ask us to help you carve in time for yourself. When you take time out to just be and enjoy, even if you sit and watch something for half an hour with a hot drink. Relish and revel in this time for yourself, for the more you do this, your energy expands into a higher frequency that allows the Universe to flow through you instead of resisting it with your responsibilities. When you feel confused, overwhelmed and anxious, you are simply not allowing and by stopping what you are doing and spending half an hour in joy, the feelings of confusion, overwhelming and anxiousness are dissipated. If you wait until you are free of all responsibilities, you will find more things to do before you allow yourself the enjoyment of doing something you love doing. We see this many times. Do not find more things to do before you allow yourself joy. Carve half an hour out of your time to be free and we promise you, it will lighten you and bring you so much joy that you will make sure that half an hour of your day will be filled with something you love doing.

If you have young ones, spend half an hour playing in their world, they will love you for it and your bond will deepen with love and joy.

Life is to be enjoyed, do not resist the time to be joyful. Allow, allow, allow.

Sending you love ❤️

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