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25 Jan 2024 - Groundhog Spirit

I come with a message to you on this full moon. Just as the tides are affected by the full moon so are your emotions. You may have mixed emotions swirling around during a full moon but wish to be calm and peaceful.

Your thoughts are swirling and getting caught up in your emotions and my message to you today is to let go of all. When you find a uncomfortable thought or emotion, recognize it for what it is, a thought, a emotion. These feelings or thoughts are probably related to the past or the future but you are not in the past or the future, you are here, in the present, right now.

I know that you may wish to run from your shadow but you need not face it head on or work out where these emotions are coming from. Simply breath, remind yourself that you are in the present and there is only the present moment. If you can spend five or ten minutes a day, practicing being in the moment, when your emotions or thoughts rise up, bring yourself back to the present.

You are releasing your old ways, old stories and old emotions, that is why they come up, if you acknowledge and accept "Oh these are just coming up to get rid of" then that is the end of the story, acceptance and acknowledgement, you will keep in the present and stop repeating your story.

You are an infinite being, flowing with the Universe, do not try to swim up stream against the current, let go and flow down stream to the new beginnings and wonders that await you. You will be so glad you did.

Sending you love ❤️

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