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27 Jan 2024 - Archangel Gabriel

Hello and welcome to my message today. I am known as the messenger angel and I am always available to you should you need any messages or guidance. I will gladly support and point you in the right direction.

Simply call upon me and ask for a message relating to anything then wait for your answer. My messages come in different forms, it could be a conversation you over hear, something on the television, a song on the radio, a billboard or advertisement, it could be seeing a animal or bird, if you trust your intuition, quieten your mind and listen for my answer.

I will repeat the message many times so do not fear that you miss it. Be open to receiving and watch for signs that keep appearing to you. I may even enter your dreams and guide you. You are never alone and you will always receive the guidance you need.

Stay present, be still and connect to the love that is all around you. Your message will come, I promise you.

Sending you love ❤️

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