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28 Jan 2024 - Why are you here?

Welcome, welcome, welcome, dear ones, teachers of the light, masters of your life. We welcome you with open arms as many of you ask quite frequently, why am I here? What is my purpose?

Many of you run around, trying to figure these questions out and struggling to do so.

The answer is quite simple. You are here to have fun. To enjoy your life. Many of you think your purpose is a job, to do something that brings you lots of money but if we told you that by being still and silent, you are money, money is you. It is all energy and it is within you. So then you might say "Well, why am I here if it's not for a job or career or to help people?" and again we answer to have fun, play, enjoy.

You are frequency, light and energy. Everything around you is made up of energy and it all operates at different frequencies. When you open yourself up to the higher frequencies of love, acceptance, truth and knowing, everything you desire is already here for you and to tap into it, all you need do is be still and silent. Let go of overthinking, figuring it out and struggling in the process. Be still, be silent, be free.

You maybe messengers, healers, writers, painters, athletes, artists, actors, no matter what label you give yourself, you are unique. Your energy inspires and uplifts others and you do not need to do a thing to impose this on others. Others are naturally drawn to your energy, to your frequency because they feel you. That is the key. Your energy makes others feel good so no matter what you do as a "job" or "career", it is how others are attracted to your energy.

Your number one priority in life, is you. Nobody else. Look after yourself, raise your frequency. be peaceful and everything will flow to you because you feel it and are not trying to control it. The simplest things may seem the hardiest but that is because most of you humans have been struggling and pushing against all that is because of the conditioning you have received from others. Stop listening to others and focus on yourself. Be still, be silent, be peaceful. Raise your own frequency, let go, allow, trust and all will flow.

You've got this.

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