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29 Jan 2024 - The Hum

Can you hear me? Not many can. Only a small percentage of the human population can hear me. What am I? Why can only a small percentage hear me?

I am here to answer your questions. My hum is not unique and does not exclude any human or animal from hearing it. My hum is not to be mistaken with a story of "if you can hear the hum, then you are unique and special". This is simply not true.

Only a small percentage of the human population hear me because they are becoming more aware and open to receiving different energy frequencies. I am connected to Earth, I am if you wish, Earth's heart beat, pulsating through all on Earth, not just humans but everything, animals, plants, rocks, all that is present on Earth can feel and hear my beat, if they are opening up their energy fields to all the frequencies around them.

You do not receive any special treatment by hearing me but you are more open to receiving messages and guidance on your planet through energy, frequency, light and colour. Those that simply do not hear me, still receive everything but are still living in the illusion that everything they see is real and is happening to them, instead of for them. They are still living in the concept that everything they desire is done by controlling, struggling, striving, planning, taking many actions at once, fixing and figuring out all the details.

If you would take time out to relax and let go of everything and be still, in the present, your world would open up much wider and be so much more magical but I see that this is hard for some as they focus too much on others, circumstances and situations, When you focus only on your own energy and feeling present and peaceful, well, this is where the magic happens. It all flows to you naturally as nature intended.

If you wish to know the secret to life, turn to nature, it doesn't not worry or stress about anything in the future or the past. It stays in the moment and deals with one moment at a time. Animals, plants, trees, insects, birds, watch them all and see if you can see any sign of stress, anxiety or depression. They live in the moment and take each day as it comes. The only time you will see any sign of discomfort, is if they are in physical pain.

Stay peaceful, stay present and be still, I promise you will hear me with a quieter mind and open heart.

Sending you love ❤️

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