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3 Jan 2024 - New Year, New You

Welcome, welcome, welcome our dear friends to a brand New Year, so full of fresh ideas, hopes and intentions and this is the key to 2024, to keep those ideas, hopes and intentions flowing throughout the year and not just at the start.

There are so many possibilities and potentials each and every day and we encourage you to stay in the moment, creating your desires and enjoying each moment. You are a powerful creator, yet you forget how powerful you really are.

We want you to pay attention to the way you think and feel about anything. Thoughts are truly just thoughts, there is no energy behind them until you think so much that you create feelings and really thoughts are just words to speak to yourself, so why not choose kind and thoughtful words? This is a new way of being.

How about you start your day thinking "I am kind, thoughtful and generous", "I love everyone I meet today", "Today is a great day because I choose to enjoy each moment", "I have plenty and I am infinite and free", "I love my life because each day is different" Choose words that feel good to you and practice thinking these kind, thoughtful and mindful words after all it is you that is speaking them in the silence of your mind, so choose good ones.

Sending you love❤️

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