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30 Jan 2024 - Earth & Fire Dragon

I am the dragon of gentle contemplation. I connect your chakras to above and below. I connect you to the ley lines in Mother Earth and source energy simultaneously. I am calm and peaceful. I am a lover of humanity and all that you are.

You have much to learn, young ones. We dragons have been around for eons. We have been misconstrued as dangerous, linked with killing humans with our fire breath but these humans at the time did not give us a chance to prove ourselves. They feared our presence and attacked on sight, we merely defended ourselves from these human attacks.

We are gentle loving creatures, invoked to help uplift your planet and frequencies and we are honoured to do so. Connect with us often and we will protect and guide you on your path.

My role on this planet is to instil peace within you. To connect you to all that is and can ever be. Breathe in my energy and allow yourself to receive, then give without hesitation or limitation for you are an infinite being of light, whatever to give must be returned to you and whatever you receive must be shared. When you balance giving and receiving, you are in the flow of union, you are no longer in the fear of separation. You are one with all and in the stillness, quiet contemplation, you feel this perfect, Divine energy running through your core and into every fibre of your being. You are a perfect creation. Here to enjoy and love as one.

I am constantly here to guide you and connect you, reminding you of who you really are and why you are here. You are one. You are Divine. You are free.

Sending you love ❤️

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