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31 Jan 2024 - The magic is within

Ahh, welcome once again, dear one, we are so delighted to be communicating with you today. The answers you seek are all within you and if you need help, support or guidance from us, we are only to delighted to help.

Simply quieten your mind, be still for a moment and ask what you would like help with. Be patient with this process as we may not answer with words but with frequency, light or colour. The answer will come and you will know what action to take for it will be inspired and not forced.

Everything you desire is acquired in the stillness and present moment it is only your mind that works in overdrive, making you think that you need to do lots of actions and if you don't then certain things will happen. This is simply your mind playing games with your over thinking. When you are still, relaxed and in the present moment, overthinking can take a back seat and you can enjoy each moment in your day.

Everything you desire is within and is here for you now but you get upset, angry and frustrated that you cannot see it in physical form. This holds the energy away from you, like trying to walk against the wind, if you turn around and allow the wind to push you, it would be much easier and that is your guidance for today, stop struggling against the force of the wind and instead let it guide you where you need to be.

At this present moment you are exactly where you need to be, doing what you are doing, accept that for now, then open up and allow all the magic to flow through you, stop pushing against the wind, lift, elevate and soar.

Sending you love ❤️

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