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4 Jan 2024 - KIS - Keep It Simple

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so delighted that you are here again, reading our messages of love and light. You are naturally drawn to being here because part of you is curious to learn more but also is filled with a little bit of doubt and fear.

There is nothing to fear here, there is only love, there can only be love for this is who you really are. You are an infinite being of light, of energy, of love and any other feeling or emotion is simply you telling yourself otherwise. This can temporarily disconnect you from who you really are.

So, my friend, we say to you, each time you feel fear, anger or any other emotion that does not feel so good, what are you thinking? There is no judgement here, only love and support to guide you on your path. So, when we ask, there is no hidden agenda, it is simply a question for you to answer.

Simple steps are the easiest towards being who you really are. Your simple step for today is, when you don't feel so good emotionally, write down and take note of what you are thinking at that time. Remember, there is no judgement, only love. Once you have wrote it down, there is no need to analyse or overthink the situation. Write is down, breathe and say "oh, that is what I was thinking".

You will see a pattern over time on how you hold yourself back from enjoying your life through your constant thoughts.

We encourage you to see this as a gentle process and not something that requires effort, struggle or something to be "fixed". It is simply an observation, our friend and that is all.

When you have a quiet moment, think of something you enjoy, it could be a place, being with another person, spending time with animals, reading, writing. Pick one thing you truly enjoy with all your heart and think about it for a few moments.

How did you feel? Good? Excited? Peaceful? Happy?

Observe your thoughts for they create your feelings. Yes, it really is that simple.

Sending you love❤️

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