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5 Feb 2024 - Yuki Onna

Greetings from the frozen land. You may feel at times that you are frozen and cannot move from your current situation or relationship but dear one, this is simply not true. Your mind is playing tricks on you, convincing you that you are stuck and there is no way out. When you thaw and let go, you allow more to flow to you but when you are frozen in time there is no room for manoeuvre.

If you are frozen and cannot move or see a way out, then be still and accept what is. Acceptance is a release in itself for when you are trying to figure and work things out there is no room for Divine assistance. When you accept where you are and ease into the knowingness that it isn't always going to be as you are now then you relax and allow. Even a small intention or movement in acceptance can allow much more in.

You are not your name, your job, your relationship to others, you are a Divine being living a human life. Reminding yourself of this can open up wonders especially if you take all your life upon your shoulders and feel that it is your responsibility to be this human you think you are. If you would take a moment to let go of that part of yourself, use your brilliant imagination and imagine that you are not your job, you are not your relationship to others and you are not responsible for figuring everything out. If you could throw your arms up and say "I am tired of doing this, I want help with ................" and simply accept and let go then the thaw and movement can begin.

Each moment is a blessing but when you are stuck and frozen, it is a burden, a responsibility, a struggle you are tired of and this, dear one, is your mind creating these thoughts and feelings.

We are always here for you for we are one single entity, united and surrounding you with light. Join your light within to our light and you are once again united with your Divine presence and allow yourself to receive all that is here for you, each moment. A simple statement of "I feel better" or anything simple that feels good to you, allows yourself to open and receive.

As winter must turn into spring, you too, can thaw, flower and bloom again. Let there be light.

Sending you love ❤️

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