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7 Jan 2024 - Break the cycle

Hello again, our friend, we are so pleased and delighted to be communicating with you on this wonderful day of positivity and openness. You may not feel like this but trust us when we say to you that is all available to you each moment you take a breath.

We want to remind you that what you are witnessing and experiencing in your day to day life has already been created and in a blink it can be re created to how you wish it to be. Dear one, you are the master of your own life and the more you fixate on what you are currently experiencing. the more of the same you are creating. You are in a circle, a loop and now is the time to stop that energy, break the loop, the cycle, the circle.

How do you do this? Be still, our friend. Be still in mind, body and spirit. Let go of all overthinking and be in the moment for when you are still and in the moment, everything stops for as long as you are still. If you can be still for 30 seconds, switch your mind off and focus only on your other senses, you have broken the cycle for 30 seconds. If you were to practice for 30 seconds a day or for 30 seconds each hour, you are breaking the cycle.

Being still and present is the key to living a truly wonderous life. Being still stops the struggling, striving, healing and trying to "fix" things that are not broken. Whatever needs doing is a thought in your mind, telling you you need to do this, that or the other but, our friend, this is simply not true because it is a thought that is creating your feelings of struggle.

The art of receiving and allowing the life you dream of, is being still and present. Now, it isn't that hard unless your mind tells you otherwise.

Sending you love❤️

The image below shows Unicorns going around in a circle, as if on a carousel, but in the background, 2 Unicorns have chosen to get off it. It is your choice too.

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