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9 Jan 2024 - Responsibilities

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so excited and pleased to be communicating with you today and our message to you today is responsibilities but before we begin, we want you to know that our words are a vibrational experience so no matter what our words are to you, they do not come from judgement or lack or fear. We are simply offering words to help your human connect to their higher self and our words, on a vibrational level, offer comfort and support to your soul and higher self because your soul knows our words are offered in truth and love.

So, let us begin. Responsibilities are important to you humans but we want you to know that you are only responsible for yourself. Yes, we realise some of you may have young ones who count on you but they are simply young beings who need help with being raised, just as animals raise their young in nature.

When it comes to adult humans, being partners, co-workers, friends or relatives, you are not responsible for them, their situations or their actions. You are not responsible to figure everything out for them or to fix or heal them. The only human you are responsible for, is you.

This, our friend, takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders and helps you to give more time to you. You are not responsible to find money, to fix arguments, to shoulder others burdens, to take on others problems, you are here to be you and draw your experiences to you and no one else. You cannot help others by trying to fix or heal them with words, you are a vibrational being and the only way you can help others is to give attention to your own vibration. When you focus on your own vibration, you naturally draw all that you desire to you. There is no manifesting involved because your soul and the Universe know exactly what you want and can move mountains to bring it to you as long as you stay in your vibration of here and now, being present and still. You cannot change others vibrations, that would mean that you have to control their thinking and feeling, and this, my friend, is so much time, energy and effort that it would simply wear your energy out and lower your vibration. Yes, we are all one but know that when you focus on your own energy and vibration, you naturally lift others, without any struggle or effort on your part. The best way to help others is to focus on yourself.

When you are still and present, clear of all thoughts, you are opening your heart to receiving all that is here for you. Your heart is like a portal, opening up to the universe and receiving all that you desire with no struggle or effort on your part and that, our friend, is the joy of not having to do a thing.

This is your only responsibility, being still, present and open.

Sending you love❤️

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