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Accept, Allow, Await - 22 July 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so delighted to see so many new comers to this frequency that we are offering you and whilst our words are important to you, this is a vibrational experience. Our words are more of a distraction for your mind, so that you can soak up our vibration and our energy into your energy field and feel uplifted and elevated.

You, dear one, are meant to be happy and free and yet you let circumstances and situations outside of your control, affect how you think and feel. This, dear one, does not serve you well at all. Everything you desire comes from within yourself and if you could just take a moment each day to sit, relax and allow, ooooo, your world would be so much better and brighter. You would wake up feeling so excited and free because you would no longer feel bound by your circumstances and situations. You are so powerful, so abundant and so free but you do not allow yourself to feel these things because you hold your energy in everything that is going on outside of you.

You have created all that you experience outside of you and you create more of the same because you tell yourself the same old stories, I am not happy because....., I need more of this, I need more money, I want more time, I want more, more, more and dear one, you can have it all. You are the creator of your own life. You can relax into the energy that is readily available to you in each moment, of each day.

We want you to focus on nature for a moment. Think of birds, animals, insects, plants, trees, they do not grumble or moan, they do not focus on the future or dwell in the past, they simply live from moment to moment. You will never catch a tree worrying about losing all its leaves in winter because it lives in this moment, in this day and that, our dear friend, is the key to having and appreciating a wonderful life.

Here are the three A's:

Accept - what you have, where you are and all that is in this moment. Accept the fact that there will be surprises along the way and/or things that cannot be controlled by you.

Allow All - do not try or struggle or work things out. Allow everything into your experience. There is nothing to do but allow all your desires to flow to you.

Await - Expect the unexpected, for this is the magic of all that is available to you right now. The Universe knows what your soul wants far more than you do, so allow yourself to receive the magic and miracles.

When you focus upon each moment, you allow so much energy to flow to you and through you, after all, dear one, you are energy, you are light and you are frequency. Your thoughts create the turmoil that you experience within you. When you calm your thoughts, you allow so much more.

Attention is key. Look at the palm of your hand. Focus your attention there for 10 seconds.

During that time, all you did was look at the palm of your hand and no thoughts were present. This is because you are giving your attention to the present, to this moment, to looking and focusing on your hand and it required no effort, no struggle and no trying on your part. This is how easy it is.

Live in the moment and set your thoughts free.

Sending you love ❤️

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