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Accept the vibration - 13 March 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so delighted to be communicating with you today and we want to offer a vibrational experience to you. You may not understand or resonate with our words at times but your vibrational field can feel us so it matters not, the words we offer you but the vibrational experience you are receiving so we ask, accept it.

We love you so much and you really want to get a grip of who you really are and what your purpose is on this planet but there really is nothing for you to do. Your heart and soul knows what is best for your human being and as long as you can feel with your heart what you already are then your job is really done. You are love. You are light. You are energy. You are frequency. You are vibration. You are joy. You are abundance. You are freedom. You are everything you need or want to be and more. #

When you feel into this vibration, that you really do have everything and you are feeling content, safe, connected, happy, whole, full, complete, we can go on but you get the gist. Your heart starts to expand into a higher vibration, where nothing that is going on in your world really matters any more. All that matters is you because when you feel good, happy, content, full, whole and complete, you draw amazing experiences, opportunities and magic to you.

We love connecting with you. We love filling your energy fields with pure love and light but when you close your heart down because you are feeling lower vibrations, lower energies, lower frequencies, all it means is that you are listening to your head and the stories it is creating that keeps you in lower frequencies. It keeps you stuck. The best way to solve this, is to STOP! Right where you are and what you are doing. Notice the story that you are relaying to yourself and bring yourself back into the moment. Place your hand on your heart, breathe and ask yourself "What am I doing right now?" and focus completely on what you are doing. It could be drying your hair. It could be whilst you are in the shower. It could be while you are driving or on public transport. It could be at work or college. It matters not where you are but just STOP! Breathe and focus on what you are doing. E.g. I am drying my hair. I am on the bus. I am washing myself. I am filing. I am typing. I am reading. Bringing yourself back into the present moment immediately stops the story you are listening to and brings you back into your heart.

We love you so much. Accept our vibration, be the magic and miracle you are and watch with excitement as everything unfolds around you without you doing a thing.

Sending you love ❤️

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