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Accept Your Life - 14 April 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, dear loved ones, we are so excited and pleased to be communicating with you today and as always it matters not what words we use, this is a vibrational experience to uplift and inspire you in all the possibilities and potentials that are here for you, right now. There is no struggling or striving or wanting or needing, this is all complete and done. This is a new, fresh perspective on what is on offer to you and we are so excited to be here to witness humanity opening up to all the endless possibilities.

There really is nothing for you to do here except relax, let go and accept everything as it is. Accept your life as it is now for when you do this, you let go of all that is "wrong" (which nothing is "wrong" it is your perspective right now) and can breathe into each moment, each day. There are no timelines. There are no goals. There is no effort. There is no doubt, fear, lack or limitation. Accept all that is, right now and observe the world around you instead of getting entangled and caught up in all the drama.

We know that some of you may not be able to accept these words that we are offering to you or be able to figure it out in your heads but as we say, this is a vibrational experience and our vibration lifts your heart and soul because our vibration is one that is natural and one with who you really are. A being of love, abundance, freedom, light, peace, harmony, joy, magic, excitement, fun, you are all these things and more.

Accept your life. You created it, you can change it and as soon as you accept where you are, who you are with and what you do each day, you can relax, let go, stop struggling to change it all and let the Universe flow through you and too you to bring you exactly what your heart and soul craves so much. Your heart and soul does not crave stuff, it does not crave lack or limitation, it does not crave doubt or fear, it craves love, freedom, peace, abundance, prosperity, fun, peace, harmony, magic, miracles, all these things excite your heart and soul for they are all who you really are. The world around you has created all these doubts, fears, lack and limitations. The stories the world around you has told you all your life that you believe to be real and true but dear ones, they are mere stories, that is all but you believe them to be true. They are no truer than a pig can fly but you don't believe pigs can fly so why believe all the other stories? Because you perceive them as true. Because you live them, you breathe them, you see them. You have never seen a pig fly so you believe it is not true with all your heart. Learn to accept that all is as it is now and it can be changed. The story you are running is "this is how it is and I cannot change a thing unless I struggle, worry and stress and try to control the change as how I want it to be" Dear one, your head is ruling your heart. Let your heart start telling the story. A story of love and peace, filled with happiness and freedom, all the money you need and more. Your head will never figure it out, it keeps you in the same old story. Listen to your heart. Accept your life and let your heart tell a new story, one that you love to hear over and over again because it is filled with everything you desire.

We love you so much.

Sending you love ❤️

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