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And Breathe..... 2 June 2023

Ahh, welcome, dear ones, you have certainly been on a journey through the Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde. Some of you may feel tired or headachy but this too shall pass. You are being upgraded, dear ones, to a new level of consciousness, to a world without lack, fear and limitation. To a world filled with love, joy, peace, harmony, freedom and abundance and as always this is a journey, it is not a destination to be reached. You are on a wonderful journey of discovery and creation. We want you to know that nothing is impossible, for you are a Divine being of light, creation and energy. Nothing is outside of you. It is all within.

When you focus on fear, lack and limitation, it is simply because you are looking at things outside of you and mirroring the stories that you are seeing and creating more of the same.

We want you to relax, meditate and go within. Be still. Connect to your heart and free your mind of the stories you tell yourself. Your stories in your mind, are your stories, nothing more. When you focus on your heart and expand into all that is, the stories stop and the creation begins. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and breathe frequently. Connect to who you really are. You are light that can be bent and changed to suit your desires. You can create anything you desire when you go within. It is like modelling something out of clay or creating a picture. It takes a little bit of love and attention to create something wonderful out of nothing but clay, paper and colours, the same goes for creating within only you are giving love and attention to yourself, letting go and feeling into all that is already here for you. Let go of entanglement of the stories and feel into the infinite being you are and all the infinite possibilities that are available to you right now.

Imagination is a wonderful tool and so many of you have forgotten how to use it. Time is taken up now with emails, posting and social media, being tied to your phones and getting entangled in things that don't serve you.

For one hour a day, put your phone away and do something else. Anything that is for you. If you tell yourself "I don't have an hour", that is a story that you have created and that story is being played to you. Tell yourself "I have an hour each day to do whatever I want" and the time and energy will be created for you. Love and attention is all that is required.

You are entering a new era, a new phase, a new chapter, a new moment. Things are very different to how they used to be so don't be so hard on yourself. Let yourself adapt to the energies that are here for you, helping you to live the life your soul wants you to lead.

Sending you love ❤️

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