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Are you wanting to move/relocate?

So, here I am, offering you the answer to your million-dollar question. When/am I going to move?

Ahhh, you humans are so funny with your human minds.

I am often asked this question, which is then followed by a lot more questions, such as "If so, when am I going to move? Where am I going to move? How am I going to move?” Can you see all the questions around this? The question should be “Why do I want to move?” This is some deep part of you that wants this so bad, but the question is why? When you understand why, it helps a lot.

Now I want to offer you a reason and it is normally the reason why every human wants to move. TO ESCAPE! Ha! Ha! Yes, partly, but it is more to do with your vibration is rising and where you live no longer “fits” your vibration. Most humans around where you live are so entangled with their ego, their situations, with the world around them and their perceptions so they are happy to stay put. You, however, have vibrationally rose above this energy, just like all the other humans that are questioning who they really are, why they are here and what is their purpose.

Now, what if I told you “This time next year, you will be living in a different state or a different country”.

This answers your question, so let go now and let it happen. That’s it.

I am laughing so hard at the enormity of the above!

Of course, you can’t let go and let it happen because your HUMAN BRAIN won’t let you. Now, your HUMAN BRAIN starts resisting, coming up with all sorts of scenarios on why you can’t move. When it has come to terms with this, your HUMAN BRAIN will now start to say “ok, you can move but how is that going to happen?” Now, your HUMAN BRAIN is trying to work out all the details and cannot see any possibility of this whatsoever. What is next, oh yes, your HUMAN BRAIN will now get angry and frustrated that it cannot work out how to make it happen, so it gives up and you reside that you are going to stay where you are forever, which makes you sad because now you feel stuck, sad, angry and frustrated.

Are there other people involved in the equation of moving? Does this make it impossible? Only as impossible as your HUMAN BRAIN makes it. Go ahead, start listening to the stories and made-up scenarios not just your HUMAN BRAIN can come up with but the HUMAN BRAIN of those involved, listen to them, they aren’t real, they are just thoughts resisting change. What if they are telling you they want to move but really, they think they know that it isn’t going to happen? I emphasize think because they could be perceiving it as a pipe dream and so there is no vibrational energy coming from them to move.

Now, I want you to know that I am not putting a dampener on this, far from it. I am trying to make you see how the HUMAN BRAIN ticks.

So, what to do? what to do? what to do?

This is far too enormous for your brain to comprehend, so let’s let your heart take over.

We know the real reason why you want to move. VIBRATION. Now, we have the answer. Your vibration wants to move to another location that is a vibrational match to you. Now, don’t let HUMAN BRAIN get in the way here with this next bit. Where you move to also needs to be a vibrational match to those involved, but the only vibration you are dealing with, is your OWN. This is very important to remember because as soon as you start to bring others into it with your HUMAN BRAIN, BOOM! You’re off again, trying to work things out and control the details. Focus only on your own frequency, your own vibration, your own energy, with your mind, because let’s face it, your mind wants to get in on the act, however, this is a different way of working with your mind than your HUMAN BRAIN. You can mindfully get into the right vibration. HUMAN BRAIN cannot because it has too many questions, too many thoughts, too much resistance of where, how, etc. You mindfully, let your mind let your heart rule. This takes patience and practice, but your vibration wants to move, so move it will, your HUMAN BRAIN just needs to get out of the way trying to figure out all the details or running around trying to find answers to questions that only you can feel the answer to. Nobody knows your soul better than you, well apart from us, your Guardian Angels and the whole wide universe.

You are all that you want to be, all you can ever be and more. This is the truth of every human. I cannot stress this enough and what I say will not change because it is the truth. Accept where you are now and what is in your life right now because you have created this, consciously or subconsciously and YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU SHOULD BE, DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, RIGHT NOW. None of it is a mistake or should have been done differently, it is perfect and has all been Divinely orchestrated. Sure, you may have taken difficult routes or turns on your path, but you still would have ended up here, right where you are now. So, my guidance to you and to any human is the same, get out of your head, lift the weight off your shoulders and be happy and grateful where you are right now. Intend that each day will be filled with excitement and joy. There are so many positives in your life to focus on and when you take notice and focus only on the good things in your life, they will multiply and once this happens, things that used to hurt your brain, will no longer. Your mind will start to relax on its own and your body will follow. Your soul will align with all and everything else your human brain witters on about will no longer matter; you will allow each day to be as good as the day before knowing that tomorrow will be even better. It takes patience, presence and practice to allow you to be you, accept you as you and that everything right now is how it should be. Once this vibration is strong, (the force is strong within you, Luke Skywalker), moving will be no effort, there will be no resistance, no human brain getting in the way and we can move Heaven and Earth to make your move happen by bringing the move to you, instead of you looking for it. Situations, circumstances, people, money, time, energy will all move towards you magically and at the perfect time, making the move easy and effortless for everyone involved. How? You followed and listened to your heart and soul. You let your heart listen to your souls’ desire to move and then instead of getting caught up in the HUMAN BRAIN, you let yourself relax and “feel” good (very important to feel) in the present moment by focusing on the positives in your life now, moving out of the way and letting us do our part and then vibrationally matching that frequency to receive the desire your soul wants, which is to move to an area that matches your rising vibration/frequency. You accepted that even though you do not know how or when or where the move will be, you know it is going to happen and you are choosing to enjoy where you are now, in the present moment and that you and all around you are perfect and in Divine order. Everyone and everything are exactly where they are meant to be at any one time.

EASY, PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY. Ah, it would be, if only it wasn’t for the HUMAN BRAIN, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, smiley face, fist bump.


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