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Be enlightened - 8 March 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so delighted to be here with you once again and our message to you today is a powerful one. Be enlightened!

What does this mean? Enlightenment is to be free from all earthly concerns. To be free from lack and limitation. To realise that everything is a mere illusion and that everything you desire and are wanting is within you. It is all here for you, right here, right now. Humans think they know best. They think that this is what they need or that is what they need, when the truth is you don't truly need anything because you already have more than you could ever desire right within you.

Be enlightened. Open your heart to the truth and be free from all earthly concerns. There is nothing for you to do. There is nothing to "manifest" because when you open your heart and expand into the energy of the Universe, everything that your heart and soul desires (not your head or your thoughts or your thinking) will automatically show up before you even knew that you wanted it.

Be enlightened. Relax as you would if you were floating in water, for when you relax and let go for there is nothing to do but see the beauty in each moment. To wake up and see the beauty all around you. To wake up and see the light within others. You are love. You are energy. You are frequency. You are enlightened. If you weren't enlightened, you would not be reading this. You drew this experience to you. Stop looking for what you want externally and bring your power within. Seek what you are within. You are naturally beautiful. You are naturally love. You are naturally freedom. You are naturally abundant. You are naturally peaceful. You are naturally calm. It is such a joy for others to be in your presence, for they see in you is what they seek themselves. They love your energy and freedom. You naturally attract like minded people or people who themselves shine or people who love to be around your Divine energy.

Be enlightened and watch the world shine with you.

Sending you love ❤️

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