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Be heartful - 11 March 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, dear ones, we are so delighted to be communicating with you today and we wanted to connect to you through being heartful. Now we know that many of you know and have practiced being mindful, watching your thoughts and how you interact with others, being aware and conscious and in the moment and you have all done this so wonderfully.

We want you to move into being heartful. This is an elevated way of feeling whole, full and complete. Fully coming into your heart and moving through your day with grace, love and peace, knowing that all is well and complete. Being heartful, let's go of your mind trying to work things out and instead knowing that you are here for a purpose and that purpose flows through you so naturally that there is literally nothing for you to do except move through your day with love. Letting unconditional love flow through you and to you, for after all you are a Divine being of light, of love, of perfection. There is nothing more to do.

This is such an exciting time on your planet as many are feeling this heartfelt presence and wanting to practice being heartful, to just be, knowing that you are whole.

We love you so much and you are feeling our presence, our energy, our light, our love and the more you feel this and are heartful, the more you shine your brilliance onto others to uplift and inspire, not by doing anything but by being in their company, in their energy.

Be heartful and see the magic you bring into the world.

Sending you love ❤️

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