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Chinese Fire Dragon - 29 July 2023

Feel the magnificent energy of my presence in your energy field. Feel my power, feel my passion for life.

I am here to remind you that, you too are powerful and free to do whatever you choose with your life. You have the passion and drive to do and create whatever you wish but you are bound by external influences. Reignite the fire in your soul, believe that you can be and are anything to wish to be. You are not bound by human limits. You are not bound by external influences. You are free to choose. Feel my energy flow through you. Feel the fire ignite in your belly of creation. What do you desire right now? Right now, not tomorrow or next week or next month but right now. What is you inner most desire? Create it now in this moment. Think about your greatest desire right now as though it is here right now.

There is fire and passion running through you and whilst you focus on my words, my vibration and energy flows through you. Let your thoughts go. Let your limited beliefs go. Create the fire and passion of what you most desire right now. Let it come to you. Let your energy match the frequency of what you desire right now. There are only moments in life. Time is illusion. Do not be bound by time or any other limit or belief. There is only here and now. What if your desire was right here now? How would you feel? Free? Powerful? Happy? Joyful? Peaceful? It is all here for you, right now. Drop your binds and limited beliefs and start living in the moment.

I am a fire dragon for a reason. You are human for a reason. You have purpose to enjoy and create the life that you so desire. Everything outside of you is illusion and myth. Everything outside of you, are stories created by your thoughts and feelings but when you come back to your presence, to this now moment and feel that you are source energy and that everything is possible for you. You create space. Your mind relaxes enough to enjoy the moment and the more you practice this, the easier it becomes. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, breathe deeply in and out. Focus on me. Feel my presence around you. Feel the fire, desire and passion that I am. Focus only on my energy and stay here as long as you can. I am with you. I am you, for nothing is separate, we are all connected and that is why you can create anything you want because you are never, ever, separate from it. It is you, you are it and that is why it is all here for you right now, in this present moment. The power is within you. The desire is within you. Your soul knows this and although you do not see it outside of you, the knowing of that it is here, is enough. This eases your mind and frees your thoughts. This allows the energy you flow through you and too you and soon the evidence of your desire is shown in your physical world. You are free. You are powerful. You are limitless. You are all you wish to be and more.

When you feel your world is getting on top of you and you cannot see any way out, your thoughts are telling you all these stories. STOP! Right now. Close your eyes. Breathe and focus on one thing. Anything. Your breathing. Your hand. Your heart. A smell. A sound. Anything. This brings you back into this moment.

Life is easy. Thoughts and stories make it hard. Stop the thoughts. Stop the stories. Focus only on this moment and you will start to feel so good, so free and so easy. I am fire. I am passion. I am here for you.

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