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Colour, energy, frequency - 21 June 2023

There are many colours, energies and frequencies all around you. Feel into each one that you sense and start to feel into each one. Each one of you on Earth is connected and can feel what or what you do or do not want. We want you to feel into each energy, each frequency, each colour that you sense is around you. Stay eternally connected in the moment for you are a star child, one with everything and everyone. Be who you are meant to be and stop trying to figure things out. You are a free human being that gets caught up in all the drama, you humans call life but this is not the case, it need not be this way. You are a free human being that can do anything you want without the ties of your human responsibilities. Everything you perceive has been drawn to you by you. Choose differently. Look for a different outcome, a different perspective for you truly are unique. Let your colours flow, let your energy flow, let your frequency be high. You do have choices, you can choose anything you want. There is no time limit. Time is endless. There is no beginning, there is no end. It is all eternal. Choose what you want in the moment, then choose again in the next moment. These series of moments will make up your day and then tomorrow will come and these moments will be here all over again. Choose what you want moment to moment and see your life change in a magical way.

Sending you love ❤️

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