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Contrast - 23 March 2023

Ahh, welcome dear ones, today we wish to communicate to you the reason for contrast.

Many of you feel good, accept where you are, have the knowledge that everything is here for you and shine like the bright beautiful star that you are and then suddenly, something happens that knocks you for six. Why is that? How have you drawn this experience to you? Why have you drawn this experience to you? How can you "fix" it?

The answer is simply contrast. You cannot have yin without yang. You cannot go up without coming down. If you turn left at some point you must turn right. What you are experiencing is contrast and because you cannot "figure" out why this has happened, you now go into "fix" it mode and this has become a habit. One of judgement of your thoughts, feelings and actions and then you look back and question "What did I do?" You did nothing, dear one.

So, now what? You need not fix anything, figure anything out or beat yourself up about it. Simply observe it and say "oh, that's an interesting contrast" and let it go, safe in the knowledge that yes, it showed up but it is nothing personal to you. It is simply showing you what you no longer want to experience in your life. You've been there, done that and moved on from it. What you are feeling is judgement, doubt and fear, which is a habit. To release this habit, let go in the knowledge that you are all you are meant to be and more. You are a spiritual being experiencing a human experience. Take yourself out of it. See the bigger picture, the bigger perspective and focus on who you really are. Breathe, touch something, be in the moment. Do not fixate on what went wrong because nothing did go wrong. It is contrast, showing you what you no longer want to experience, lack, limitation and separation.

Stay in the moment. Literally focus on the task right in front of you. What are you doing? Watching tv? Working? Focus on the task that you are doing right at that moment and focus only on that.

We love you and we know you've got this.

Sending you love ❤️

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