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Focus on the solution not the problem - 5 November 2023

Phew! What a journey we have been on for the last couple of months! We are now through the other side of the tunnel and walking towards the light. It is time to once and for all let go of what is no longer serving you and to start a new path, a new journey on becoming who you really are.

Each day you are learning and growing and expanding into all you really are. You are light, you are energy, you are everything you wish to be and more.

It is time to start creating new beginnings and let go of the old stories.

Everything you desire is within you so always focus on solutions not problems. You are worried about money, you cannot figure out where the money will come from or how to receive it. Fine, that is the problem. The solution is abundance, prosperity, riches and wealth. The solution is that you love money and money loves you. Money is your friend. Money is fun and freedom. Money is what you have in your bank or purse or wallet right now. Money is not separate from you. Money is you and you are money. Money is an exchange of energy. You love your family, you love animals, you love trees, you love grass, you love money. It is no different. Money is your solution. Lack and limitation is your problem. You do not worry about lack of water or food or heat or light, you know it is there, so is money. There is no difference. Change your perspective of money and lighten the weight off your shoulders. It is not your responsibility to find money and you will never "find" it because you are chasing it away by focusing on lack of it. Money is your solution. Love money as you would a friend. Imagine money being your friend, would you curse your friend? or get angry or frustrated because they didn't show up? If you did get angry and frustrated at them not showing up, how would they react to you? The energy of money is no different. Love money, respect it, allow it, receive it, befriend it, Money is love, love is money. It is all energy. It is a form of exchange, it is not that it can't be had, that is your lack and limitation story. Find better feeling thoughts:

I have money to pay off all my debt.

I am doing the best I can.

Money makes me happy.

I love money and money loves me.

I love all the money I have right now.

Abundance flows through me.

I am money and money is me.

Keep going. Keep finding thoughts that make you feel better about money and we promise you, you are opening up the flood gates to being rich and prosperous.

When you go back into lack and limitation. Stop, breathe and find a better feeling thought.

Everything, no matter if it is money, relationships or health, the process is the same. Focus on the solution and not the problem. If you had a magic wand or three wishes what would they be to make everything go away and focus on that for that is your solution to your problem.

We love you so much. Have fun with this and see what you can create from within.

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