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How do we combat focusing on lack or limitation?

We have already learnt that when using the law of attraction, not only are you focusing on what you want, you are also focusing (un-intentionally) on the lack of not having what you want.

Most of us use the law of attraction as follows:

Ask for what you want.

Focus on what you want. (Also un-intentionally, focusing on lack of what you want e.g. you want to manifest £1000 but whilst you are focusing on manifesting £1000, you are also noticing that you don't have £1000 because if you had £1000 you wouldn't be trying to manifest it! Catch 22)

Write/say affirmations until the cows come home.

Believe you will receive it/feel as though you already have it.

Wait until it arrives.

How do we combat the issue of putting our focus on not having the thing we want whilst trying to manifest it?

First, I have to ask a question before I answer the question.

Why do you want whatever it is you are trying to manifest?

Is your belief that it will make you happier? Will it make your life easier? Will everything fall into place when you have it?

You are putting all your focus and attention into how it would feel and look outside of you, in your current situation.

We need to change this perspective and start a whole new level of manifesting.

The next level is to shift your focus to within you and not focus what is going on outside of you and this is where it gets interesting and also mind blowing.

You are energy and energy flows through you to you. This is important to remember.

Everything that is happening around you, has already been created by you. If you keep focusing on what is happening around you and getting caught up in it, you are only creating more.

Your eyes look at everything and everything you look at has been created by you. Good and bad. Everything around you is like a mirror being held up to you and showing you what you have already created. Look at the relationships with others you have, your job, your house, your finances, your car, all material possessions, everything in your life, you have created them all and you probably weren't even aware of it.

This is where it starts to get good. If you are reading this, you are ready for the next level and if you wish to change what is going on outside of you, you first have to stop looking and focusing on the outside world with your eyes and start focusing on the energy within you.

When you focus on the energy within you, it flows through you and is mirrored back to you in the form of the outside world you are looking at with your eyes and the good news is, everything you desire is available right now because now you have woken up, fully aware and ready to learn.

You don't have to wait or write endless lists of affirmations. You don't have to focus on tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. You don't have to ask, believe and receive. You don't need to struggle for what you want. You don't need to force yourself to do anything. Everything you want, is already here for you.

You have all the power within you.

This might be hard to comprehend at the moment but as I show you the way, I will empower you and it will get easier to understand.

Until my next blog post, relax and breathe, it's all here for you.

Sending you love ♥

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