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Illness & Dis-ease - 15 April 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, dear ones, today we are so excited to be communicating with you about illness and dis-ease. We say dis-ease because that is exactly what it is, a dis-ease with your thoughts and feelings.

Many of you do not understand why you have gotten ill or sick, you think you have drawn this experience to you or sometimes you cannot work out how you have drawn this experience to you.

Yes, you can draw illness to you with the way you think and feel. If you are truly not happy with something and it is playing on your mind all the time, then something else happens which adds to that unhappiness, it ends up being a run-away train and before you know it you cannot stop it or get off, then you get ill.

Do not distress!!! We are about to explain all to you so that you can accept your illness more easily and have comfort from our perspective.

First of all, there is no illness or dis-ease that cannot be cured. Now you may be shouting at us with all different illnesses that have not been cured but we assure you that once again these are stories that humans are telling each other and getting entangled in.

When you get ill, no matter what form, whether you have caught something like a cold or flu or the latest human craze, Covid or whether you have something more serious (from your human perspective). You have either drawn this to you through your thoughts and feelings (now before you go off on a tangent, try not to work out why you have drawn this experience to you or how to fix or heal it mentally, you've got it, accept it and let us move on with clarifying our perspective) or you need this experience of illness for a whole infinite of possibilities.

Accept your illness or dis-ease, it can be cured. The Universe has orchestrated this for whatever reason or another and your body is responding. Maybe you need to rest more. Maybe you need to drink more water or eat healthier foods. Maybe something else is going on and the only way to remove you from the situation is to be ill, this happened to our dear friend, Janet. Try not to work out why or how you are ill or sick. Accept it and acknowledge that there is a bigger picture going on behind the scenes, which will be revealed once you are better.

Now, we want to get specific with you, ask your body what it needs. Sit quietly and listen to your body. Talk to your body. Ask your body "What do I need right now to make me feel better?". You may get the guidance straight away or your body may need you to rest before it makes itself clear on what you need to do to help it heal. You maybe guided to see a doctor or pharmacist. You maybe guided to look something up on a Podcast or YouTube. A friend or stranger may suddenly say something to you. You may see something on TV that guides you. You may see something in a magazine. Whatever it is, be open to receiving what your body needs and listen to your body, not your head. Do not get caught up with what you think is best, listen to your body, get your head out of the way, your body knows best.

Every human illness, sickness or dis-ease can be healed. There is nothing uncurable, that is a human story. Doctors do not know everything and there are certainly miracles that happen that baffle doctors and specialists. Please watch the film Breakthrough, it will truly inspire you to believe in magic and miracles. It is your choice whether you want to experience sickness or wellness. It is your choice, always. Most humans would choose wellness so we say, focus on wellness, focus on what is the first thing you would do once you experience being well, fit and healthy. Live and breathe that thing. Listen to your body. Open yourself up to all possibilities and potential experiences that are available to you and allow them to flow to you in the most magical and miraculous way possible.

We love you so much. We are always here for you, surrounding you with our love and light, open yourself up and feel our energy and vibration for this is naturally who you really are. A high vibration of love and light.

Sending you love ❤️

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