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It's fun to be huuuman! Maquasa - 9 March 2023

Ahhhh, welcome, my dear friends and I invite you to sing along with me. It's fun to be huuuuman! I love being huuuman! What fun to be huuuuman!

Fun, fun, fun, you are all here to be free, fun and silly but instead to feel the opposite and I am not going into the doom and gloom of the perspective you are living in for that is all it is. A perspective. Change your perspective. Change your intention. Live life to the fullest, funniest, silliest and you will be free and joyful.

Oh what fun it is to be huuuuuman!. We love you so much and we stand in the wings waiting for you to connect with us so that we can shift your perspective, shift your energy, shift your frequency into the highest vibration of love and light and magical blessings. Oh there are sooooo many magical blessings to be bestowed upon you but you close down and we want you to open up. Open your heart to the love and freedom all around you. Be who you are meant to be. There is nothing to do but have fun and enjoy your life. Feel excited every day. Find things to get excited about and remind yourself constantly "It's fun to be human".

Sending you love ❤️

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