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Life is like a trifle 😁 - 26 June 2023

Life is like a trifle. On the top are hundreds and thousands, all creating chaos and bedlam just like the surface of the Earth. There are many running around trying to figure and control things, a lot of chaos and bedlam going on but underneath all you want is the sweetness of the cream, the peace and harmony, the smoothness and joy but then we want to go deeper into the jelly and just bounce and float around and feel the joy and happiness once more with the sweetness of the fruit.

Yes, life is like a trifle so now what to do. Do you focus on the chaos of the hundreds and thousands all around you or do you dive deeper into the sweetness of life and the joy of the jelly. This choice is yours to make and yours alone.

The earth is very much like a trifle and when you dig deeper and see beyond the chaos and madness, you see the joy of life, the joy that here for you every single day in every single moment. When you decide to expand and look at life this way, you see that it is your choice to make. What do you choose? No one can make this choice for you. Accept what is, dear one and choose what you want in this day that is beginning. This is not about the past or the future, this is about the here and now. What do you desire in this moment? What do you desire in this day? and then when you wake up tomorrow, you get to choose all over again.

When you live each moment and live in each day, your life gets easier, for you are not fixating on what can or cannot be, you are only choosing what you desire in this moment. Doesn't it feel wonderful and free? Isn't it easier than struggling and striving and trying?

You have now chosen to eat the cream and the jelly and see past the chaos of the hundreds and thousands. There is much joy and happiness and love to be had when you see beyond the surface of things, when you enjoy each layer of the trifle and savour the flavour that is life.

You are filled with much love in each moment and when you take the time to see what is rather than your mind creating all sorts of scenarios and chaos, oh, life is so good just like the best bit of the trifle, for you have gone a little bit deeper and chosen to live in the moment and savour the moment and your day and yes, you get to do it all again tomorrow. There is only the present.

Enjoy the trifle and enjoy your life.

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