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Message from Black & Gold Dragon - 24 July 2023

You are powerful and you are free. There is much magic in the air so much that you do not understand or can work out with your thoughts but my message to you is to stand in the power of who you really are.

You are a wise being, that has so much power and potential within that when you focus on what you desire you can create more of what you want. My colour is black and gold, fate and wisdom, that is what I represent. Wisdom is knowing that all is as it should be, there is no struggle or striving to do, only knowing that all is taken care of naturally.

Your path is one of joy and freedom and abundance. Your path is to be easy and free. Your path is your choice. Do you choose to struggle and try? or do you choose to be free and easy? The more you relax and let go and allow, the more energy you allow into your field that can create miracles and magic.

We dragons are known for our power, our fire, our presence and we stand in our power, we own our power and this is what is required of you. You are more powerful than you realise. We are known for being dominant and powerful, for showing our strength and might but within we are gentle creatures, that live and dwell in peace. We are not here to protect and dominate, we are here to guide and serve all of humanity, to be the best that they can be. No more fear or doubt or denying what that you what but feel you cannot have. Stand in your power, be all that you are. Own your power and right to be free to choose.

Humanity has lived with restrictions and rules for too long. Too many humans are imposing limiting beliefs and humans have been conditioned for far too long. Conditioned on how to behave, to get jobs, to get married, to worry and be fearful. Humans are more powerful than that and more are awaking to the power within. The wisdom to choose, the wisdom to be free, the knowing that all is not as it appears.

My message to you is own your power, choose to be free, focus within and be all that you are. You are love, you are beauty, you are free, you are joy, you are abundance, you are anything you wish to be because you are not separate from anything. Everything is connected. You are connected to all you desire. Love is not separate from you. Money is not separate from you. Nothing is separate from you. You are one with everything. You are energy, love is energy, money is energy, time is energy, freedom is energy, joy is energy, You do not think any of these things, you feel these things and when you feel good, you draw more to you because you realise that you are everything you wish to be and more.

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