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Message from Black Tourmaline - 17 Feb 2023

Ahh you see my energy as dark and mysterious but heed not for I am a stone of protection. My dark appearance maybe deceptive for wherever there is dark, there is always light and this is a very important point to remember.

When you feel alone or in a dark place, focus on the light within you. Find light to make you shine once more. You need only to take a moment or two to call upon me and your angels and guides, ask for our help to show the way, to guide you to the light and we promise you that when you do, we will move heaven and earth to bring you the light. There is nothing for you to do or say, for when you let go to Divine will and call for help, support and guidance, it will always show up. We ask that you do not tell stories of unworthiness to receive this help. We will willing help you and guide you for you are us and we are you and there is no separation, only oneness. Your mind will play tricks and make up stories but when you let go and focus on love, love for yourself or love for others, we can co-create and bring you exactly what you need.

So please, ask and let go. There is nothing for you to do. I am a stone of protection. I will help you to see the light once more and help, support and guide you to shine, shine, shine.

Sending you love ❤️

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