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Message from Demeter - 19 Jan 2023

Hello dear child. I want you today to spend some time nurturing yourself. You spend so much time taking care of others that it is time to take care of yourself. It matters not if it is for 10 minutes, an hour, a day, the important message here is to take time out and nurture yourself.

I promise you that when you allow yourself to be nurtured, your whole body relaxes and let's go of all that is not needed at this time. When you become sick, it is because your body is making you nurture yourself because you have kept going for far too long.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a much needed treat, a bath, a manicure, sitting with a hot drink, reading a good book or watching a feel good film. I here you say "I don't have time", oh dear child, that is an energy you are putting in front of you, an obstacle, a blockage. You have plenty of time to take time out for yourself. Your body doesn't look at time and say "ok, she/he can't get sick this week, it's not a good time, I'll be sick next week"

A few minutes a day is all that is needed, to do something for yourself, to be kind to yourself, to reconnect to yourself. Sometimes you can get lost and lose your identity. You are not your job. Being a mother, a wife, a partner, a student, a work colleague, an entrepreneur, does not define who you are. These are just roles that you take upon yourself, that you are letting yourself experience but they do not define you.

You are a light being, energy, frequency and love. This is who you really are and when you nurture yourself and tap into this energy, you will feel so good and so much lighter.

We love you so much.

Sending you love ❤️

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