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Message from Dolphin Animal Spirit Guide

When you close your eyes to see us, you immediately see the smile we constantly have on our face. Our smile is infectious because it makes you smile and feel loved immediately. You love seeing dolphins because we have wonderful uplifting, healing energy that makes you feel good instantly. We want you to bathe in our presence whenever you need a boost, a smile, or a feel-good moment, we are always happy to help. We love swimming with humans and along side their boats because we know and feel that it brings you happiness and joy instantly and that is what life is all about, finding the joy in the simplest and smallest things. This joy and happiness costs nothing but lasts a lifetime, for whenever you think of us, you remember your time with us, either in person or when you have watched programmes or videos of us.

We urge you to look for us whenever you can and feel the magic and joy we bring, for this is our purpose, to raise the vibration on Earth with our joy, our playfulness, and our open hearts. When you elevate yourselves to our vibration, by watching or by listening to us, it is like having a shot of instant happiness being injected inside you. It is our pleasure to please you and to make you smile.

Sending you love ❤

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