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Message from Doom & Gloom - 17 Jan 2023

This is the voice of DOOM! Ha! Ha! Ha! Got you!!! We thought that title might catch your attention.

The voice of doom and gloom is the one that you listen to constantly in your head and this is your voice, no one else's. We want you to stop listening to the voice of ego and start to pay attention to your third eye and heart.

Your heart is a portal to the higher realms of infinite possibilities and your third eye projects those images. We want you to stay alert and pay attention to your feelings and to your intuition. There is nothing to do, other than that.

You may run around, stressing and worrying but this is just wasted energy, instead, slow down, relax and listen to your heart.

We promise you, fifteen minutes a day of total relaxation and going within, benefits you in all ways. It will calm and instil a sense of peace within you. Even if you don't see or sense anything, it is giving your mind a rest and letting your heart take over.

Ask your angels, guides and teachers of the light to enfold you in unconditional love before you start and focus on your breath. We are happy to help and support you with this, for when you can open your heart to The Universe and all it has to offer, you send ripple effects of love, light and higher energy to everyone you love and everyone around you. It is truly magical.

Sending you love ❤️

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