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Message from Frog - 15 Jan 2023

Ribbit. Croak. I may not look like much but I am multi talented. I can both swim and be on land. I create abundance and joy with my energy. I have made many tadpoles. I have come from a line of many tadpoles. Each one fighting to survive and grow into something magnificent. You may not see this. You may see us a ugly creatures with no purpose but I could say the same thing about you.

Each one of us has a purpose in life and you may or may not know what this is but do as I do and as many other creatures do. Wake up and move through your day. I plan nothing. I eat when I'm hungry or I see an easy snack. I rest when I need to and play when I feel like. I may not have human responsibilities but I do need to survive each day. I use my wits, my intuition to survive. I use all my senses to sense danger. There maybe no danger in your life but your responsibilities are what weigh you down. Use your senses, your intuition to guide you. You have more than one sense than sight, make use of the other four (or five if you include your sixth sense, intuition).

I am abundant with energy, water and land. I need nothing for Mother Nature provides everything I need. I am joyful when I hop around from land to water. You too are provided for by Mother Nature, the Universe for you are connected to everything and separate from nothing. Feel the abundance that you are. Be joyful when going about your day to day life. I do not dwell on danger from predators, for I use all my senses to help and guide me. You too should not dwell on responsibilities but use your senses to navigate them.

Sending you love ❤️

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