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Message from Infinite Spirit - 10 Jan 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy to be here and communicating with you once more.

We want to set the scene for you, imagine a remote beautiful cottage set by a lake. The sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze floating across the lake making the edges of the crystal, clear water ripple with delight. The breeze carries itself through the leaves of the trees nearby and the birds sing a harmonious melody that carries far and wide. You sit in the sun, drinking something cool and delicious, absorbing the heat of the sun and enjoying the peace and quiet of the moment.

How did you feel in this space, dear ones? Did it instil peace and calm within you. A few lines and a lot of imagination go a long way to creating more of what you desire within you. You make think that you want material things, a different relationship, a different job but all these things are outside of you. To create what you truly desire, is a simple as the scene we have created with a few words.

All that you see with your physical eyes, you have created and the more you focus on the creation that you see in your outside world, the more you are creating more of the same. If you want to change your life, focus on what you hold within your heart and soul. You are free to create the emotions you desire by focusing on what you hold inside, for this is who you really are. You are free to create new stories or you can choose to stay in the same story you live day to day. Life is made up of moments in each day and these are the moments you should seek out and cherish. A smile from a stranger. Someone holding hands. Delight in a baby as it laughs. The happiness and joy in a dog as it wags its tail. These magical moments are all around you and the more you seek them out, the more they will appear to you.

Accept what is and enjoy the magical moments.

Sending you love ❤

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