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Message from Infinite Spirit - 14 Jan 2023

Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! Are you feeling guilty about something? or are you feeling any other negative emotion?

This, our friends, is because you are out of alignment with who you really are. You are giving your power away to others and when this happens, you need to come back into alignment.

How? We want you to soothe yourself in a way that brings you back into alignment. Soothing yourself gives your mind something else to think about. That tiny voice in your head, that is your voice, nobody else's, is beating you up and making you feel bad about yourself, so you need to shut it up. Tell it to be quiet. The tiny voice in your head is your personality, your conditioning to the world around you and what others may or may not think about you. This is giving your power away. Soothe this. Listen to your favourite music, colour in, do both at the same time, listen to an audio book, watch a really good film, read a book, anything that soothes your mind and shuts it up. The words this voice are saying are making you feel bad so why listen to them? It's like drinking sour milk. You know the milk is off but you make yourself drink it then it makes you ill. The voice in your head is the same. When you soothe yourself, your heart can kick in and start making you feel good and look/listen at what you are doing to soothe yourself.

We love you so much but you really need to shut this voice up.

Sending you love ❤️

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