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Message from Infinite Spirit - 16 Feb 2023

Phew whee!! What a journey our friend Janet has been on in the last few days. It matters not the time frame, it is about getting connected to who you really are. Our friend Janet has experienced some quite intense emotions and has been feeling quite disconnected but we say you are never disconnected. You are always connected to source energy because that is who you really are.

You see, when you get entangled in your world, in your situations, in other. so called, negative emotions, you are not disconnected, you are simply giving your power away to others or to situations instead of standing in your light.

Now, we know from our friend Janet that when you are caught up in the moment and fear, rage, sadness, whatever the feeling or emotion that does not make you feel good, the last thing you can do is stand in your power or focus on the light that you are or feel connected once again. In these moments, we would simply say, allow, allow, allow and accept what is going on for when you struggle to get back to feeling good and standing in your power, it is virtually impossible because you are not feeling good about yourself. You are beating yourself up for getting entangled in the situation or the circumstance.

In these moments, the key is to breathe, breathe in so deep and so long and breathe out just as much. Come back to the present moment and just breathe, be present. The key is to come into calmness, letting your head become calm because after all it is your thoughts that created such strong emotions in the first place. Your thoughts became a runaway train that you just couldn't get off. Your mind and thoughts are great at doing this but dear ones, they are stories your mind is telling you to keep you separated from love, freedom, peace, harmony, abundance and all the other good stuff.

You are a powerful creator and when you mind starts creating these negative stories about how people or situations are treating you, it is only you that has created those stories and the people and situations are simply showing you your creation.

Now, when you create from love, from your heart, from your soul, there is only love, there is only joy, there is only abundance, there is only peace, harmony and oneness with each and every experience.

We say to you that sometimes your mind can create these lavish stories that take you on a wild rollercoaster ride but when you calm the stories and focus back into your heart, you can see, well, things weren't really that scary or necessary or wanted and you can feel your way back into love, connection and empowerment.

Today is a new day, let the past go and focus only on this moment of feeling love and joy. Stand in your power, for when you do, you will no longer feel disconnected or separate or a victim. You are love. You are light. You are power. You are energy. You are source. You are the Universe. You are frequency. This is who you really are.

Sending you love ❤️

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