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Message from Infinite Spirit - 18 Feb 2023

We are so pleased and delighted to be communicating with you on this fine and glorious day. We want you to know that there is only love to focus on, for when you focus on pure, unconditional love, my, dear ones, you bring miracles and magic into your life.

Love connects each and everyone of you and even though you may find that someone is not acting out of love, that is their fear, lack and limitation that is playing out, for if they too, saw that there is no separation, only love then they would not be angry, fearful, jealous and any other lower vibration.

When an animal shows you their complete and utter unconditional love for you, you cannot be angry or fearful or any lower vibration around them because they are oozing unconditional love. This unconditional love is in their vibration and they are so pleased and happy to be sharing this love with you.

Now if a person shows anything but love for any animal, that animal will pick up that vibration and will do anything to protect itself from harm. You must understand that the vibration starts with you. It is your energy. It is your vibration. It is your frequency. If you are showing lower frequencies, energies, vibrations, call it what you will for it is all one and the same, then these will be shown right back to you.

You are love. You are light. You are a bright, shining star. When you shine, others will be attracted to your light and no other lower frequencies can come through because you are shining so bright. If a lower frequency shows itself to you, then this, no matter how small or big, is coming from you. It all starts with you.

Focus on pure love and it will shine brightly in each and every person you see. You will see the light within them, they will be drawn to you and you to them. Anyone with lower frequencies will not be attracted to you unless you are feeling lower frequencies yourself. If this happens, simply observe. Watch. Let it pass. Do not get entangled or feel bad for feeling this way or start judging yourself or others. See it for what it is. "Why have I attract this?" It matters not, why or how. It ends here. Watch. Observe. Do not entangle. For this energy is coming from you and others are mirroring it.

You may have noticed that when others are angry and start shouting, you start shouting back and start getting angry even though you were probably feeling really good. Do not analysis. Do not judge. Accept what is happening and choose what you want. Do you want an argument? or do you want peace? Choose argument, keep arguing. Choose peace, walk away and calm down.

You get to choose your vibration, your frequency, your energy, whatever you wish to call it. Choose love.

Sending you love ❤️

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