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Message from Infinite Spirit - 18 Jan 2023

Well, dear ones, we want to communicate with you today about expanding your energy.

Many of you expand your energy, get into the feeling of feeling so good, so happy, so joyful, so abundant, so free and then BANG!!!! something happens that takes your power away.

It could be a financial situation, it could be a relationship, it could be something at work and we want you to know that this is perfectly ok to feel the way you do and it is like a little test to see if you can come back into alignment of feeling good again.

When something happens like this, you need to step back and not entangle in the story that you are seeing and we realise that getting back into expansion from this place is not an easy task at all but we will give you a few pointers to help you get back into alignment with who you really are.

Soothe yourself.

Accept what has happened.

Let go of trying to "fix" it, especially if you feel the need to fix it.

Accept that for a moment you have given away your power to the situation but know that you can claim that power back.

Tell yourself that you are worthy of love, peace, harmony, freedom, abundance, whatever it maybe that you are craving for because of this situation.

Remember you are worthy and whatever is going on, we will always see that you are worthy.

Do not judge yourself or let others judge you. You are a perfect being of light and so are they, focus on this light within you and let it shine brightly again.

The turmoil that is swirling around you is not swirling within you when you calm and soothe yourself and focus on the important thing. This MOMENT! This moment is most important moment and now this moment is the most important moment and now this moment is the most important moment. Can you see how your day is made up of moments? Focus only on the moment and not the outcomes or stories you are telling yourself. Stay in the moment. Focus on the task you are doing right at that moment. Let everything else go and take care of itself.

Everything ebbs and flows. You expand and feel so good, then BAM!!! something shakes you up. Your "job" in these cases is to get back into alignment of feeling good, not fixing what has happened. The more you can do this, the quicker things resolve because you have got out of your own way, started expanding your energy again so the Universe can flow through you and do what needs to be done for everyone involved, not just you. You did NOT create this, this is not your fault but your defensive mechanism is one of judgement about yourself and what you have done "wrong". More stories, more entanglement.

Expand! Expand! EXPAND! Into who you really are. Come back into alignment and see things from a higher perspective. We love you so much.

Sending you love ❤️

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